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Tamaki Maori Village – Maori Cultural Experience

Journey back in time to a pre-European lifestyle experience of customs and traditions while ambling down the pathways of the rediscovered village as it comes alive to the sound and activities of tribal songs, dances, myths, legends and spiritual stories. 

Enjoy the night’s festivities with a banquet of succulent foods (hangi) cooked traditionally on hot rocks in an earthen oven. Winner of numerous NZ Tourism Awards.  

Admission price includes pick up and drop off from Blue Lake TOP 10 Holiday Park Rotorua. Blue Lake staff are happy to take your booking and make the necessary travel arrangement. Call our office (+64) 7 3628 120 or email

Hells Gate

This is the only place in New Zealand where you can experience a mud bath complex, used since well before the 1840’s. This is home to some of the finest mineral mud in the world and has long been regarded as having remarkable curative properties.

Even in pre-European times, Maori warriors used the pools as a place to salve their wounds after battle. Today, Hells Gate and Waiora Spa offers a cultural and geothermal experience combined with spa mud therapies and massage. A fantastic place for health and well being as well as discovering Maori culture.

Blue Lake TOP 10 Holiday Park Rotorua will be happy to arrange a visit for you  ask our friendly office staff to organise a booking for you.

Te Puia (NZ Maori Arts & Crafts Institute)

Home of the world-famous Pohutu Geyser which erupts on average once or twice each hour and can reach heights of 30 metres (100 feet). Te Puia is home to a wide range of thermal activity including a kiwi house where you have an opportunity to view New Zealand's national bird. Te Puia offers guided tours which come highly recommended as a good way of trying to understand Maori culture.

Daytime cultural performances (3 times daily) where you can experience the sense of inclusion and warmth that is known as manaakitanga (hospitality), while enjoying the very best of Maori performing arts, are also available.

Buried Village

NZ’s #1 visited working archaeological and heritage village showcasing stories and displays of the world famous Pink and White terraces, the 1886 Eruption of Mt Tarawera and resulting devastation of the Te Wairoa settlement. The village includes an award winning Museum exhibition, over a 1-km trail through archaeological sites and a very breath-taking short walk to the beautiful Te Wairoa waterfall, a 35m high falls that connects the sacred Green Lake through to the majestic Lake Tarawera.

Whakarewarewa Living Maori village

Take part in the tradition of being an honoured guest at Whakarewarewa, The Living Māori Village.

Discover the unique geothermal landscape of Te Whakarewarewa Valley.  See the boiling hot pools and bubbling mud, and learn how the residents utilise and respect the ever-changing forces beneath the land.

Enjoy a geo-thermally cooked Hangi meal and take part in the daily cultural performances, featuring the famous Māori Haka.

Mitai Maori Village

An evening at Mitai will give you an authentic introduction to Maori Culture, leaving you inspired as well as entertained. Learn about our history, carvings and ta moko (tattoo art). Be captivated by the displays of weaponry and combat, coupled with the grace and beauty of the poi dance, followed by a spine-tingling haka finale. Be enthralled by the natural bush setting where you will see warriors in traditional dress padding a waka (ancient canoe), and don’t miss your only opportunity to see glow worms in the Rotorua area.

Te Puia

Situated five minutes from central Rotorua, Te Puia is an iconic destination for visitors featuring the world famous Pohutu Geyser, Māori cultural performances, live Kiwi, boiling mud pools, and native bush.

Te Puia is also the home of the New Zealand Maori Arts and Crafts Institute, and acts as a kaitiaki (guardian) of the traditional Māori skills of carving and weaving for future generations.

Tamaki Maori Village

Experience an evening of ceremonial ritual, amazing re-enactment, powerful cultural performance, storytelling & hangi feasting as we relive significant events within our Pre-European history!